Monday, October 29, 2007

EWW! Plumbing woes...


Although I tend to define myself as a 'city-girl' (or at least a suburban mom), I am no stranger to living on a septic system.


For long stretches whilst I was growing up we were living on a resort, usually in a trailer, and our plumbing attached to septic. More recently, our last house was on a septic system.


I must say that our current abode, that is also on a septic system, is teaching me wonderful things about benefits of well-thought out and installed plumbing.


For example, I have never really thought about the implications of putting a washing machine, bathtub, and toilet on the same septic-waste pipe.


Intellectually, I know that this is a bad idea. It's a whole new wad of lint to experience the vapor-lock that occurs for the toilet every time you turn on the washing machine. Thus insuring that you and your toilet plunger become the best of friends. Additionally, it's tons more fun when lint mysteriously gets into your washing machine and then into both the bathtub and the toilet effectively creating a dam, the likes of which I will euphemistically dub the 'grande damn".


The results of which are causing us to pump the septic tank 3 months early -- that being an item in the lease that we are responsible for though we've only lived in this house 2 months now -- and (hopefully) talk the landlord into paying for a plumber to come out and re-plumb said toilet, and maybe bathtub, correctly so that I don't have to worry about washing my cloths in sh*t - literally.


The silver lining in this poo-cloud is that by the time we are ready to leave this abode for our next adventure - we will either be starting fresh from a recent bankruptcy or we will be masters at planning for the financially unexpected. Obviously, option 2 is my preference here.


Oh, and I will *never* again take good plumbing for granted. This item is currently on top of my "things to be thankful for" list for Thanksgiving this year!

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