Thursday, October 25, 2007

Puppies! Do we tell him we're not his 'real' parents?

I don't know many women, and men for that matter, who don't enjoy puppies. At least in the 'oh how cute...please don't piddle on my shoes' kind of way.

Myself, I am a sucker for them. Every tiny bundle of fur evokes the tender-hearted admiration of youth just beginning and all of life to look forward to. Perhaps, the very young of any species offers hope to those of us who've been on the planet long enough to be jaded.

All cuteness aside, puppies eventually grow to be dogs and with the right breed and the right training can be extremely useful companions. Especially, when you have wildlife roaming about near your home (see Bears! Oh My!) and a youngling of your own species to tend.

So in the spirit of hope for new beginnings in our new home, the Master of the house and I have decided to adopt one of those cute little bundles of fur (which hopefully we can teach not to piddle indoors fairly quickly, much less on any visiting shoes).

We don't know which puppy we'll receive from the prospective litter since we are adopting from a shelter. Our appointment to meet our adoptive puppy should happen some time next week.

This is the Masters favorite of the litter so far.

They really are the cutest ever!

This is my favorite one!

Though this one looks to be the fuzziest!

Stay tuned for more installments about Puppies!

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